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CodeIgniter 2.1

È stato rilasciato CodeIgniter 2.1.0 già da alcuni giorni, anche se non è stato annunciato il suo rilascio.

Modifiche in questa versione:
General Changes
- Fixed a potential parameter injection flaw in the Security Library and strengthened the XSS filter for HTML5 vulnerabilites.
- Callback validation rules can now accept parameters like any other validation rule.
- Added html_escape() to the Common functions to escape HTML output for preventing XSS easliy.
- Added increment_string() to String Helper to turn "foo" into "foo-1" or "foo-1" into "foo-2".
- Altered form helper - made action on form_open_multipart helper function call optional. Fixes (#65)
- url_title() will now trim extra dashes from beginning and end.
- Improved speed of String Helper's random_string() method
- Added a CUBRID driver to the Database driver. Thanks to the CUBRID team for supplying this patch.
- Added a PDO driver to the Database driver.
- Typecast limit and offset in the Database driver to integers to avoid possible injection.
- Added additional option 'none' for the optional third argument for $this->db->like() in the Database driver.
- Added $this->db->insert_batch() support to the OCI8 (Oracle) driver.
- Changed $this->cart->insert() in the Cart library to return the Row ID if a single item was inserted successfully.
- Added support to set an optional parameter in your callback rules of validation using the Form Validation library.
- Added a Migration library to assist with applying incremental updates to your database schema.
- Driver children can be located in any package path.
- Added is_unique to the Form Validation library.
- Added $config['use_page_numbers'] to the Pagination library, which enables real page numbers in the URI.
- Added TLS and SSL Encryption for SMTP.
- Changed private functions in URI library to protected so MY_URI can override them.
- Removed CI_CORE boolean constant from CodeIgniter.php (there are no longer different Reactor and Core versions).